Each corporation that falls under European Union environmental Directives or the Seveso III Directive works in two parallel modes: safety and daily operations. The same applies to the corporations in the USA which fall under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations.

Safety mode has two different aspects: Risk Management & Emergency Management.

that each corporation runs to minimize uncertainty and mitigate the effect of emergencies. These include compliance with relevant laws, directives regulations and policies, that require extensive human effort and resources.  They also often include the execution of emergency training exercises to strengthen the preparedness of the authorized staff. Finding a way to make them efficient today and modelling them will maximize the corporation’s safety while in parallel will minimize its human effort.
all the required actions for establishing normal operations and achieving resilience. In case of an accident, rapid response is critical and each necessary action must be performed correctly under heightened stress and panic.
Performing all the required actions & phone calls efficiently will protect human lives and minimize the negative impact of the accident in the environment and the surrounding properties. Keeping a detailed record of the actions performed can also be supportive in the post-accident processes of criminal, civil and insurance claims.

Daily operations mode covers all the everyday business activities that help each corporation achieve its strategies and goals. Despite being critical, they often involve time consuming processes. Executing them in a more efficient way will save human effort.

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Today, the 3 aspects above, are independent of each other and that’s why different departments from each corporation deal with them. Corporations that come under the environmental or European Union Seveso III Directives and under the EPA’s regulations invest high amounts of money each fiscal year to successfully manage them.

But if someone, in some way, can manage to blend these 3 aspects and provide a simple to use solution, adaptable to daily operations, this will offer significant saving on human effort, specialized consulting services & IT infrastructure and services while at the same time easing the execution of daily tasks and maximizing the safety standards of the corporation.

Even more importantly, such a solution, better protects human life, the environment and the property related to Industry and critical Infrastructures, thus offering value to the Community.