NYMA Emergency Management Software Platform
- A product of TEEMWARE LLC.

ΝYMA emergency management software platform
Bolstering Industry

At TEEMWARE LLC we apply our easy-to-use proprietary software to daily operations and emergencies.

NYMA, our key product, is an easy-to-use emergency management software platform that blends emergency management, risk management and daily operations.

NYMA targets the corporations which fall under environmental and European Union SEVESO Directives. It also targets corporations in the USA which fall under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations.

NYMA emergency management software platform
NYMA | The Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

According to Greek Mythology, Athenians had to pay a yearly tribute of seven young men and women to the Minotaur in Knossos, Crete. Theseus decided to confront the Minotaur and save the city of Athens from that tribute. He knew he would face two problems: killing the monster and then finding his way out of the Labyrinth. The princess, Ariadne, helped him by giving him a ball of thread, known as Ariadne’s NYMA (meaning ‘thread’). As Theseus penetrated the Labyrinth, he unwound the thread, allowing him to find his way back out after slaying the beast.

emergency management software

“Ariadne’s NYMA” is an excellent metaphor for how to resolve a complex problem with a simple solution.

At TEEMWARE LLC we have our own NYMA, an emergency management software platform to assist you to find your way through your professional Labyrinth.

NYMA is our thread in the hands of the authorized managers and employees working in the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries as well as any company which comes under either the SEVEZO III Directive (European Commission, EU) or the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations (EPA, USA). They, like modern Theseus, have to always be ready to confront an emergency situation while running their daily operations. It gives them additional power to slay the Minotaur i.e. the emergency, and then to efficiently find their way out of the Labyrinth, while working in two parallel modes, safety and daily operations.

NYMA platform blends emergency management, risk management and daily operations. It is easy-to-use and adaptable, just like all useful tools we use in our everyday life.

emergency management software

Each corporation that falls under the environmental or European Union Seveso III Directives works in two parallel modes: safety and daily operations. The same applies to corporations in the USA which fall under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations.

NYMA Emergency Basic

Workflow Editor

Design all your emergency plans and daily operations in our workflow editor and simplify their management and execution by easily adapting processes to your own individual circumstances.

Smart Notifications

Plan multiple automatic notifications (calls, text messages and emails) that will be sent to the designated recipients based on the progress of the workflow procedure within seconds, and have instant feedback on the notifications’ status, thus saving valuable time in the response process.

Smart User Environment

Take advantage of a user interface especially designed for efficient use under stressful conditions and/or panic.

Emergency Training Exercises Mode

Use NYMA for your emergency training exercises, train your staff efficiently and keep statistics to monitor your improvement.

Performance Reports

Use 3 analytic performance reports to monitor the actions performed during emergency training exercises or emergencies.

1 User - Unlimited Observers

Observers have access to the platform and are constantly informed of the status of the emergency plans / emergency training exercises or processes currently running.

Benefits of the use of NYMA

  • Protection of human life and minimization of the negative impacts on the environment and property.

  • Better documentation for the remission or limitation of the criminal and civil liability of both the corporation and its authorized officers.

  • Limitation of the cost of a pollution accident within the insurance coverage limits.

  • Better documentation of damage and acceleration of the process of its completion.

  • Easy use in situations of increased stress and/or panic.

  • Risk mitigation for human life, the environment and property.

  • Ease and efficiency in running emergency training exercises.

  • Facilitation of the insurance coverage for environmental liability
    (imposed clean-up costs, third-party liability, business interruption expenses),
    as well as property/machinery.

  • Productivity gains. 

  • Compliance and Reporting.

  • No learning curve.

  • Easy integration of all users.

  • The replacement of plans-on-paper.

2018 Project - Greece, New Karvali Fertilizers S.A.

New Karvali Fertilizers is the only producer and commercial nitrogenous fertilizer company in Greece. It has also significant exporting presence in the European and international fertilizer market as well. It has recently started using NYMA “Emergency Basic”, mainly focusing on the emergency aspect. Through our co-operation and taking advantage of New Karvali Fertilizers’ expertise in the fertilizer market, we have a common goal to enhance the current functionality of “Emergency Basic” and design the next steps of NYMA.